Mark Campbell Force, DC

Mark Campbell Force, DC has been a chiropractic physician in family practice since 1984. His focus in practice is a functional medicine approach blending conventional diagnostic methods with natural healthcare methods.

Dr. Force’s practice includes chiropractic neurology, applied kinesiology, cranial osteopathy, clinical nutrition, and non-neeedle treament of acupuncture meridians.

Diagnostics can include physical, orthopedic, and neurological exams, laboratory testing, imaging studies, heart rate variability, and phonocardiography. Exam findings direct care and sometimes lead to referral as indicated.

Dr. Force is a diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) and fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture (IAMA). He has contributed to and been technical editor of reference books for doctors, developed nutritional and herbal formulas for Standard Process and Biotics Research, lectured and taught nationally, published peer-reviewed research, and holds a patent for a nutraceutical for relieving chemical intolerance.

Subjects writing and teaching have included chiropractic, cranial osteopathy, applied kinesiology, physical diagnosis, laboratory interpretation, and clinical nutrition.


Hannah Force Conry, DC

Hannah Force Conry, DC is a family doctor of chiropractic having graduated Cum Laude from University of Western States in Portland, OR in 2019. She is PAK certified having completed the 100 hour course and examination in Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Conry is certified in Webster Technique and a member of the ICPA. She is a trained doula and a senior apprentice midwife having worked with a home birth midwife for 2.5 years in Arizona.

In addition, Dr. Conry is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, a Nia blue belt, and a Reiki master. While in the program at UWS Dr. Conry was the president of the AK club and the student representative for both Standard Process and Biotics supplement companies.

She comes by this profession naturally as she was born while her father was in his training at UWS (Then WSCC) in a cabin at the base of Mt. Hood with a chiropractic midwife in attendance. She worked with Dr. Force in his previous office in Scottsdale, AZ by putting to use her bachelor’s degree in finance and her certification as a CA (chiropractic assistant) and running the back office (patient exams, marketing, finance, etc.). Dr. Conry was training to become a home birth midwife when she realized that she wanted to develop long term relationships with the families she works with rather then cutting off care at 6 weeks postpartum. Becoming a chiropractor allows for this! She is so excited to be working alongside and be mentored by her father, Dr. Force.

During her free time she loves exploring Southern Oregon with her husband and two sons. She enjoys having chickens, gardening, hiking, camping, reading, dancing, yoga, and meditation. 

Irene Chalakee, Office Manager